Our objective is to create unique customized identities in all three aspects; branding, design and social media, to attain a personal image for each project. We focus on the brand itself and how it should be positioned in customers’ minds in order to achieve the right image and identity which will lead to successful marketing and high brand awareness. Simply, we take attention to how the general public will view and perceive the company. In reality, it’s more than a logo or stationary items, it’s how the audience connects with the company on multiple levels and through different brand points. It is the voice and personality of the company, its services and/or products. We don’t just produce a variety of pretty designs and call it a branding or design project, we take concepts and ideas from the companies strategy and bring them to realization in the most appropriate format, suggesting improvements or refining the original strategy along the way. We are a professional agency that creates visuals that make up the corporate identity of a company or event, showing what it stands for and highlighting their beliefs.

Developing a meaningful concept is a crucial step in any design project. It’s a skill that few agencies really take time to understand and appreciate. Creating concepts is just like a strategic brainstorming session, where several items are considered as they are put together. Similar to any brainstorming exercise, we don’t dismiss any ideas. It’s important to talk and connect with the client at this critical stage. We try to find inspiration and think outside of the box because we believe that good concepts speak for themselves. Concept-less designs don’t have that kind of life.
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brainstorming exercise, we don’t dismiss any ideas. It’s important to talk and connect with the client at this critical stage. We try to find inspiration and think outside of the box because we believe that good concepts speak for themselves. Concept-less designs don’t have that kind of life.

A logo is an essential part of the company brand. Though logos are all a combination of typography and images, each type of logo gives your brand a different feel. And since the logo is the first thing the public sees, we are here to make sure our clients get it right.

Beyond the logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of creating a brand identity for a client and the most impactful choice. Choosing the right color palette can highlight business’ strengths and help the client attract the right customers. The color palette has two layers: primary and secondary palettes, each with its own subgroupings of colors and meaning while maintaining a sense of hierarchy, balance and harmony.

Versatility is key when considering variations on the logo. Single Color Logo’s can be simpler and more instantly readable than more color variations which have an opportunity to define different business divisions or bring variety to the system. Color Variations is a difference without changing the overall brand and the key to an effective logo is brand recognition. We help the client stand out from the competition.

Font types have a significant role in describing the company and the business. Typefaces or fonts have unique characteristics that can be used to communicate a look and feel, a desired impression on a desired demographic. The variations are virtually limitless. We take careful consideration when choosing fonts because we have come to realize that people have certain feelings and associations to typefaces and fonts.

Patterns play a vital role in brand recognition, bringing a breath of fresh air to simple designs and helping create strong, memorable brand expressions. Patterns, Shapes and Textures can become even more recognizable than the actual logo. We love to experiment a lot with patterns because it forces us to look at a brand from a different perspective and often leads to new ideas which gives an extra boost of distinction.

The Design Brief

The first part of the design process involves a discussion with the client about the company’s goals and visual aesthetic, gathering as much information as possible.


Once a good amount of general information has been gathered, we dive deeper into the research stage and step in the shoes of the client.


We start dropping ideas and once they begin flowing onto the page in text form, visual symbols and shapes begin to take form too. We avoid the cliche and make the project as own-able as possible.


Now it is time to develop concepts, themes and text whilesketching ideas and examining all possible angles and directions.

Draft Production

At this point, the most successful ideas have made it through development and with digital implementation, they come to life.

Client Feedback

The most effective choices are presented to the client for consideration. Tweaks will be made to represent the clients’ wishes and then the improved project is presented to the client again.


Once the client is satisfied with the final result, we produce a variety of file types that can be used for different outputs and send to the client.


We introduce the brand to the targeted niche with the best impression, extending the branding across all applications of print and digital media. From smaller-scale items like stationary, flyers and marketing materials to larger scale interpretations of how the company is publicly represented, such as interior and space design, advertising and website design, we design, produce and supervise it all.


Customers are drawn to products that look good. While an interesting and eye-catching logo does assists in marketing a product, nothing comes as close as the effect of a visually appealing and striking packaging design has on prospective customers. There is more to package designing than simply good looks. There is a whole science behind it – from the shape of the package to the materials used and functionality – and we have the knowledge it needs to deliver excellence.


At ‘The Office’, we were brought together to create the perfect combination of creativity and quality. We organize and plan events in unique steps that differentiate us in the market through original aspects and high standard services.

We take pride acheter viagra sans ordonnance in the diversity of our services offerings and even more pride with the level of expertise our personnel have. Our project managers work to solve any logistics or budget issues in advance of the event, and our professional technicians have enough years of experience to remain calm and problem-solve any last-minute issues for the client.

We provide professional guidance in the planning and execution of each event focusing on the unique needs of every client and serve as the key contact from initial call to event conclusion.

Managing and planning events is our passion and profession; from social events to business and corporate events, we manage it all and deliver long-lasting memories.